Mind Reading Technology is here, discuss…

The movie STRANGE DAYS depicts one road this technology can traverse and the short-lived series CAPRICA another, but putting those commercial entertainment possibilities aside, if only for purely medical health purposes, the technology must be researched and developed. Since it seems to be inevitable that the beetle will be exposed in China, Europe or some supra-government multi-national corporation, with Openwater leading in the field, there may be some U.S. control with the policy implications at the level of government.
Video games started as individual units played by one. Human’s need for socialization, cooperation and competition resulted in extra ports for additional players. The internet and technology extended the reach to world-wide gaming communities and a multitude of multi-player games. This new technology will be an enhancement of that community and extend to new generations which will willingly share in the ultimate hive community. Whether Borg or Cylon, some version is: Inevitable.

my comment to WIRED “TED 2018: Thought-Reading Machines and the Death of Love

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Retired longshoreman at the Port of Seattle. US Navy veteran 9 patrol FBM nuclear submarines; married 29 years
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