Severe Weather Ahead

The sun has once again added to the ionospheric turbulence with several C-class flares propelling several more batches of plasma on the solar wind detected by the GOES 13 & 15 ( shown as the global magnetic field disturbance index (Kp). Expect any normal weather disturbance to gain in intensity from the atmospheric roiling caused by these solar injections. Susan Joy Rennison  spoke eloquently about the sun and the consciousness it has in the connection between it and the earth. The scientific look at the connection can be seen at the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory in particular this video (…) of the “reconnection” of the earth’s magnetic field made after a CME completes its passage around our planet.

You can watch the weather across the nation here
or here

The storm currently crossing into Tennessee and Kentucky has strong potential for severe weather. You can see the cold air flowing down the backside of the low front heading across the top of the Great Lakes mixing into the warm wet air mass popping up over east Texas in the GOES infrared weather satellite loop here

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