US Navy Develops Electro-magnetic Rail Gun

Like the super futuristic guns used by the baddies against Arnie in the movie ERASER

the US Navy has developed the ship-borne version of this weapon.

The positive aspect of this attempt to vindicate the failed Reagan “Star-Wars” anti-ballistic missile (ABM) program is the device can be used to launch satellites into space eliminating the grossly inefficient rocket booster currently in use.  The pollution released from these antiquated devices is now the primary agent (chlorine) responsible for ozone layer depletion:
when solid-fuel rockets launch, they release chlorine gas directly into the stratosphere, where the chlorine reacts with oxygen to form ozone-destroying chlorine oxides.

Increased international space launches and the potential commercial space travel boom could mean that rockets will soon emerge as the worst offenders in terms of ozone depletion, according to the study, published in the March issue of the journal Astropolitics.

The U.S. Navy may be well on its way toward obtaining a breakthrough weaponthat can hit enemy targets located hundreds of miles away in less time than it takes to heat up a microwave dinner.

Defense firm General Atomics’ has recently released a video that demonstrates the long-range destructive capabilities of a high-speed railgun prototype known as the “Blitzer.” During tests, rounds fired from the gun blasted right through a 1/8-inch thick steel plate located 100 meters downrange and continued to travel more than four miles at mach five speed. In layman’s terms, that’s about 4,000 miles an hour at zero elevation.

For decades, the Navy has long been infatuated with the idea of arming warships with battle-ready electromagnetic railguns. This isn’t surprising considering that such a weapon has the potential to intercept missiles with an unparalleled combination of long-range accuracy and velocity. Initially proposed as part of the Reagan-era “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, the technology can also have non-military applications such as launching satellites and space shuttles or even help avert a doomsday scenario by taking out asteroids on a collision course toward earth.

Electro-Magnetic Rail Gun

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