Pat Buchanan, Nazi Apologist, Needs A History Lesson

Oh how do you disgust us Pat Buchanan, let me count the ways:
By Megan Carpentier
Pat Buchanan, reliably conservative MSNBC contributor and spittle-flecked crazy old man, is at it again with his book that argues that World War II was unnecessary because the real enemy was Communism. And, he says, the Jews weren’t that important, anyway.

In his latest column, Buchanan argues that, since WWII obliged the West to form an uncomfortable alliance with Stalin’s regime, the deaths, as he wrote, of "50 million Christians and Jews" was too great a sacrifice to justify this:  

A hundred million Christians were under the heel of the most barbarous tyranny in history: the Bolshevik regime of the greatest terrorist of them all, Joseph Stalin.

You notice who Buchanan is no longer concerned about: the Jews of Europe, of course. It’s just the Christians that concern Buchanan.

Buchanan goes on to then argue that Adolf Hitler wasn’t a megalomaniac intent on finding Lebensraum by displacing or killing millions of Europeans of different religions and-or ethnicity–and especially Jews–because he wasn’t ready to invade France by 1940. In fact, Buchanan argues, Hitler never would have started WWII had the British not guaranteed the Poles military backing in the event of a German invasion–one that, notably, Hitler secretly arranged with Stalin in order to partition the country, which Buchanan ignores. Buchanan also ignores the fact that Hitler wasn’t keen to invade other nations immediately after Poland because he knew full well he lacked the firepower to do so, and did not hesitate out of some supposed lack of eventual interest in doing so.

Buchanan then attempts to slough off the argument that WWII was necessary to limit, if not prevent, the worst of Hitler’s atrocities.  

But where is the evidence that Adolf Hitler, whose victims as of March 1939 were a fraction of Gen. Pinochet’s, or Fidel Castro’s, was out to conquer the world?

Mind you, in 1939, Fidel Castro was 13–and the reputed death toll attributed to his regime since 1959 is somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 people. Pinochet’s regime, which came to power in a bloody coup in 1973 (and was 24 in 1939), is reputed to have directly caused the deaths of a similar number of people in his 17 years in office. Hitler, who between coming to power in 1933 and 1939 had already invaded Austria, annexed part of Czechoslovakia and invaded the rest of it before moving on to Poland, had already murdered nearly 100,000 Jews by 1939. That’s "a fraction," if one considers "5/1" a fraction. By 1938, Hitler has already imprisoned 30,000 Jewish men in concentration camps, and the ghettoization of Poland’s Jews began shortly after the Nazi invasion.

Buchanan argues that Hitler’s annexations and invasions (let alone the murder of 100,000 Jews) didn’t justify World War II, and implies–exactly as Hitler said in 1939–that the war and Holocaust that resulted from the Western powers’ refusal to accept Hitler’s invasionary policies that most certainly would have killed millions and preceeded the inevitable Holocaust were the fault of the West.

Why the hell does MSNBC give a Nazi apologist a national platform to spout this drivel?

Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh both hit Pat hard deservedly so.  Crazy congresswoman Michelle Bachmann flashes her x-ray patriot vision and Pat puts a big foot in it.

Pat Buchanan once again falls off into the deep end where he flounders around barely keeping his head above the mess he spews.  Rachel Maddow draws him out on why only old white males are "normal" in the US, and why affirmative action is necessary to open doors to those who are just as qualified but would otherwise be excluded by that same old white male network that has ruled the top positions of power since the nation’s beginning.  Buchanan never can or refuses to grasp the concept and is left drowning in the cesspool of his own crap.

Last Thursday, w hen Rachel debated Pat Buchanan about affirmative action and the role it played in Sonia Sotomayor’s advancement into a more prestigious university, she got caught up in the whirlwind of the moment which allowed Pat to bait her into some responses she might now regret she made rather than the stoic riposte for which she has earned many an accolade.  Because Buchanan was not there to defend himself in this clip, she had to settle for a fact checking of statements he made for which there were many errors.

Dr. Michael Dyson confronts Pat Buchanan in an attempt to discuss race relations on Hardball with Mike Barnacle.  Buchanan proves once again that he doesn’t know how to discuss the issue without interjecting worthless statistics about a specific community that diverts the discussion in his feeble attempt to put Dr. Dyson on the defensive, but in so doing proves Eric Holder’s point that he is too cowardly to talk about relations between the races.  The editor or technician that cut out Dr. Dyson’s audio and shifted the camera from him back to Mike Barnacle prematurely should be investigated by MSNBC for ineptitude bordering on insubordination.

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