Confidential Red Cross Report Leaked; Medical Doctors Aided Torture

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04/09/2009 03:54:32 PM PST   

In Topic 3 of the International Committee of the Red Cross PDF report

"Health Provision and Role of the Medical Staff" the report states that
during their detention the detainees described three primary roles
performed by the medical staff:

  1.  a direct role in monitoring the on-going ill treatment;
  2.  performing medical checks before and after transfers;
  3.  to treat direct consequences of ill treatment and any natural ailments that arose during prolonged periods of detention.

Rachel Maddow and David Shuster both cover the topic here —>

Raw Story also reports the following:

Panetta providing cover for advisers complicit in CIA torture: investigator
Rachel Oswald
Published: Thursday April 9, 2009


In light of the revelations in the Red Cross torture report, one
private investigator is speculating that the CIA director’s continuing
argument that the Justice Department shouldn’t release three Bush-era
torture memos is seeming more and more like an attempt to provide cover
to CIA advisers who were likely complicit in the formulation of agency
torture policies.

Writing in the Daily Beast Wednesday, John Sifton, a private
investigator and attorney, says Leon Panetta is giving cover to two of
his subordinates by pleading with the Obama administration to not
release three torture memos by a former Office of Legal Counsel
attorney that the American Civil Liberties Union has sued to gain
access to.

Schumer: DOJ should investigate Red Cross reports of torture
David Edwards and Rachel Oswald
Published: Wednesday April 8, 2009



A powerful Democrat has added his voice to those calling for a federal
investigation into reports of torture at Guantanamo Bay and at black
site prisons abroad.

In light of the startling revelations that came to light this week with
the publishing of a Red Cross report, which documented in gruesome
detail interrogation practices such as suffocation by water, beating by
collar and prolonged nudity, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) told MSNBC’s
Rachel Maddow that he would support a Department of Justice
investigation into the reported torture.

Red Cross ‘gravely concerned’ about detainees who ‘disappeared’
John Byrne
Published: Thursday April 9, 2009


The Central Intelligence Agency — under President George W. Bush and
now President Barack Obama — has refused to allow the International
Red Cross access to tortured detainees captured in the US war on
terror, a new human rights report reveals.

The CIA’s refusal, caught by veteran Newsweek correspondent Michael
Isikoff and The Public Record, has prevented the group from finding out
more information about detainees that were transferred by the Bush
Administration after the revelation that they were being held in secret

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