Are the Politicians paying attention?

this morning and talked about the economy, unemployment, and the possibility of class-warfare


Are the politicians paying attention to the sentiment of the masses?  I hope so.  The video that I posted to youtube of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski on Morning Joe (above) blew up last night to over 4,000 views and has elicited over 20 comments:

toosinbeymen (1 day ago) I think this video gets to the kernel of what’s been happening in the US since 1980. The super rich are getting a lot more rich while the rest of us stay the same or slip backwards.
eekdog2005 (16 hours ago)  Just the way you and your elite buddies have planned it brzezinski you scumbag.
ironmike436 (11 hours ago)  revolution and the rich vermin will be hung from the lamp posts from every street.
Patrickhenry23 (11 hours ago) He shows fear; they better shut him up.
RLiebenstein1 (10 hours ago) Brzezinski and his daughter are traitors to America.
louis12346 (7 hours ago)  Brzezinski is afraid that if some filthy lucre is not dispensed among the unwashed, they will rise up and burn down the banks, sack the corporations, and destroy the globalist edifice so painfully erected over the last fifty or so years — and maybe even go so far as to string up Brzezinski and his fellow globalists from trees and overpasses, the sort of dirty and regrettable business that invariably occurs in the process of violent revolutions in response to decades of provocation.
danmanjones (10 hours ago) "There are only two powers in the worldthe sword of the oppressor and the spirit of the oppressed. In the long run, the sword is always defeated by the spirit."
– Napoleon Bonaparte
GoogleTRUTHRISINGnow (5 hours ago)  Beautiful quote. Strange it should come from one of the first globalists.
LostFREEDOM (9 hours ago)  Why is my country not on this LIST??? NO USA Did we stop supporting Human Rights? Whats going on in this country ? Why are we NOT ON THIS LIST? WHY?
The Human Rights Council will hold a Special Session on Friday, 20 February on the impact of the global economic and financial crises on the universal realization and effective enjoyment of human rights. The session will take place in Room XVII of the Palais des Nations and will begin at 10 a.m.
LostFREEDOM (9 hours ago)  The Special Session is being convened following a request by Egypt, on behalf of the African Group, and Brazil, as a joint initiative.
martymar74 (8 hours ago)  He should know, he planned it. I don’t want aristocrats to give me money, I want them to get executed and we take their money, ala Russian revolution style.
ironmike436 (8 hours ago)  death to JEWSA death to the rich let them hang from the trees
jdpjrdude1 (7 hours ago) They want us to riot. Of course, they want to be able to justify martial law.
jmguitard (2 hours ago)  man, joe really loves to suck that Brzezinski cock, doesn’t he?
SavannahsRUs (1 hour ago) NWO scumbag worried about getting his face ripped off by the Revolution.
CommanderRight (1 hour ago) Throw a few scraps on the ground to appease the public
Lingerfoot (1 hour ago) Ron Paul – 2012
AmericaFell (1 hour ago) Dr Brezinski looks like he is going to have an orgasm! I all the chaos must be to hot to handle. it’s pretty amazing that the shadow gov would come and chat on TV…
kurydebarcelona (44 minutes ago) globalist trash, you are doom, your destiny will be the same of the french royalty
Bunnydancer777 (7 minutes ago) I would urge americans to remember WHO actually caused this, the banks like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers , et al who are owners of the Federal Reserve bank, and act appropriately.
If you are going to take up arms and riot, know who the enemy is, the major shareholders in these banks.

Another point of interest, IMHO, was that Joe Scarborough cut Dr. Brzezinski off at the mention of riots and quickly shifted the topic to the Pakistan/Afghanistan topic.

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