Hey Cenk; Edwards affair DOES disqualify him from politics

Sorry Cenk, but it’s not only about the sex.  As in all of these common-personal-failings-erupts-into-public-soap-opera situations:  It’s about the money (payoff and/or coverup) Lebowski.

The Huffington Post also refutes Edwards’ claim that he did not begin the affair with Rielle Hunter until after she had already been hired by his campaign. The Post claims Edwards "made a false assertion about the nature of his extramarital affair" when he copped to the relationship during an interview with ABC News on Friday, but said it ended in 2006. Huffington Post writer Sam Stein says emails obtained by the Post show Edwards and Hunter’s relationship began much earlier than the former senator has admitted to. Emails sent by Hunter reportedly show that the two were already engaged in an affair months prior to her hiring by the Edwards campaign. Moreover, the Huffington Post claims their evidence suggests Edwards deliberately hired Hunter, a woman with little filmmaking experience, to create campaign videos for him as a cover to continue their relationship. Edwards’ campaign paid Hunter over $114,000  (paid from a charity fund) to make a series of campaign documentary videos for the presidential hopeful.

The National Enquirer, which originally broke the story of Edwards’ affair with Hunter, claims the former North Carolina senator is also still lying about when the relationship supposedly ended. The Enquirer is reportedly set to release another follow-up story regarding the affair that will include proof that the relationship actually ended sometime in 2007, not 2006. If that is indeed proven true, Edwards may have still been having an affair with Hunter when she became pregnant.

When the Enquirer first made allegations that Edwards had fathered Hunter’s child last year, the former presidential hopeful’s campaign manager, Andrew Young, stepped forward to claim paternity of the child. Young, a married father of three, said he fathered Hunter’s baby, but his name is not listed on the child’s birth certificate.

Edwards likely killed any chance of a future political career when he admitted Friday to cheating on his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth Edwards with Hunter. According to the former presidential hopeful, Elizabeth has known about the affair since shortly after it ended.

Hunter has stated that she will not allow a paternity test to be taken to determine the true identity of the child’s father "now or in the future." Edwards, meanwhile, has offered to take a paternity test if asked to prove he did not father Hunter’s baby.


Fred Baron, the chief campaign money raiser for former Sen. John Edwards, said he provided help to those involved in Edwards’ extra-marital affair.

"I decided independently to help two friends and former colleagues rebuild their lives when harassment by supermarket tabloids made it impossible for them to conduct a normal life," Baron, a Dallas trial lawyer said in a statement, Rob Christensen reports.

"John Edwards was not aware that assistance was provided to anyone involved in this matter," Baron said. "I did it of my own voilition and without the knowledge, instruction, or suggestion of John Edwards or anyone else. The assistance was offered and accepted without condition."

Although Baron did not name any names, he was apparently referring to Rielle Hunter, with whom Edwards had an affair, and Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide, who has said he fathered Hunter’s child.

Hunter and Young had been living separately first at an upscale development in Chapel Hill and later in Santa Barbara.

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