Charles Black terrorism reference repeat of 2004 campaign

A warning horn was sounded against Charles Black on May 16, 2008, in the video posted in this space (see:  McCain’s campaign staff hypocracy exposed) when his lobbying for military dictators was exposed, but his statement that has recently gotten him into trouble concerning terrorism helping the McCain campaign is only an extension of they same line of thinking reported in 2004 during the Bush campaign …

“Beware of any stretch-run surprises"

 Terrorism: The Bush administration and outside terrorist experts repeatedly have cautioned that another attack on the homeland is likely. The White House, politically, has it both ways: taking credit for avoiding any assault since 9/11, while at the same time warning that another is likely.
Some experts on the terrorist psyche note that they like to repeat successes and cite Madrid as a warning. Shortly before the Spanish elections, al Qaeda launched a deadly strike; the result was to topple the pro-American ruling party after it lied about the incident. American experts of both parties say the political impact here of any terrorist incident would depend on its nature and timing. But generally, they suspect it would be different than Spain: "My instinct is there likely would be a rally around [the incumbent] effect," says Charles Black, a longtime high-level GOP operative and adviser to the Bush campaign.

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