Comments on interview with Dr. Michio Kaku

My comment posted on The Young Turks about Cenk Uygur’s interview with Dr. Michio Kaku:

During the several hundreds of nights around the turn of the millenium that I spent delivering newspapers, I became quite familiar with late night radio talkers who eschew politcs for more esoteric fare including the cutting edge of physics.  Dr. Kaku was a regular guest whom I heard many times over that time, and he was there descibed as the successor to Carl Sagan because of his ability to take dry mathmatics and extrapolate it into subjects as random as SETI (search for – extra – terrestrial – intelligence), the Hadron Collider (particle accelerator), and billionaire Paul Allen’s efforts in the search for alien life (ever been to his scifi museum next to his Exprerienced Music Project under the Space Needle at Seattle Center?  He’s got original Star Trek props including Capt. Kirk’s chair).  When these types of subjects pop up on the main stream media, he is often brought on to break them down into easily understood sound bites.  Did you know that on March 19th the earth and all of us were subjected to the largest gamma ray burst ever recorded and that the light from the supernova that caused it 7.5 billion light years away could be seen by the naked eye for about one hour.

Anyway, thanks for taking the book promo interview with Prof. Kaku and opening the door to the broader universe.  At least in this universe you did; don’t know about the infinite others. 

by gatekeeper50 on 03/26/2008 02:47:01 PM EST

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