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Aztec monolith unearthed

Edgar Cayce prophesized that there was a hidden chamber at the foot of the Spynix on the Giza plain, but as with all prophecy it often depends on the interpretation of the vision to accurately forsee the future.  Could what … Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Crow

  I delivered newspapers for nine years until about a month ago, and I carried a videocamera on my route all over this island I live on in the middle of the Puget Sound. We have several eagle families nesting … Continue reading

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Condi/CIA Jul 10, 2001 Meeting

 Suddenly Condi remembers there was a meeting but not to what import.  Will Rummy remember the meeting he also attended in which bin Laden/al Qaeda’s imminent attack on the US was discussed?  What might have predicated this "gun-to-the-head" meeting was probably … Continue reading

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