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Letter to CNN:


Your tv presenters parrot Republican talking points and aim questions at guests from Right or Reicht point-of-view.  Rather than pushing Republican talking points that Demos are cut and run, or wobbly, or squishy; you should be pointing out that the Republicans, the Neo-Cons, and the hard Reicht wing start every meeting and go to bed at night repeating the mantra: 

Chaos, Corruption, Death and Destruction.

That is the mantra the Bush cabinet and their squawking parrot Republican Congressmembers chant, and you are obligated to point that out in every interview, feature story, and documentory.

About ItheMissingLink

Retired longshoreman at the Port of Seattle. US Navy veteran 9 patrol FBM nuclear submarines; married 29 years
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  1. John says:

    I like wine

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