Personal History


My name is Larry and I was born in Brazil 55 1/2 years ago. My father was a government servant (now retired) for an agency created by the National Security Act of 1947, and he was on his first foreign assignement. After Rio, we lived in Japan, Greece, Northern VA, Germany, Panama, South FL and inside the D.C. beltway adding two sisters along the way. I graduated from high school in Northen VA in 1968 and attended college for a little over a year before I enlisted in the Navy Shortly after boot camp I married my first wife. We had two daughters during the eight years I was in, and I made nine patrols on nuclear FBM submarines advancing to Electronics Technician First Class and qualifying as a Navigation Center Supervisor. In 1978, I was honorably discharged and went on to work in the computer and areospace industry before I moved to the Pacific NW. My estranged wife and I severed our bonds of matrimony, and I met the woman I have now been married to for 17 years, Gretchen, when we were both working at Beth’s Cafe on Aurora Ave. just north of Green Lake in Seattle. My youngest daughter, Amber, joined us in 1988 and graduated from Vashon High School in 1992. She has since blessed us with two grandsons. My oldest daughter, Tara, lives in Louisville, KY, with her husband, a county sheriff, and another grandson and three granddaughters. An electronic technician job opened at the Lockheed Shipyard on Harbor Island in 1988 which I was hired for and worked there until they closed their gates a year later. Gretchen and I then moved to Vashon and Todds Shipyard hired me on as a Combat Systems Navigation Supervisor where I worked until the big layoff in 1992. After Amber graduated, I found work on Vashon working construction on many new homes, parts clerk at the Vashon NAPA when it was still beside the Chevron station, delivery driver for Vashon Pony Express, on-call ATM service technician, fill-in custodian for the Vashon school district, and substitute newspaper carrier for the Seattle Times. On August 1, 1997, I started as the independent motor carrier for THE NEWS TRIBUNE, NEW YORK TIMES, INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY, and a year later I added the WALL STREET JOURNAL. Now it’s time to move on.


— attached are two  jpegs of me loading papers at the TNT loading dock—


About ItheMissingLink

Retired longshoreman at the Port of Seattle. US Navy veteran 9 patrol FBM nuclear submarines; married 29 years
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