Newspapers spread lies about Pacific NW pols

Jan 11 2006, 03:44 PM
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I read in the newspaper(the Seattle PI?) that both Seanator Murray and Senator Cantwell (Wa)recieved money from Abramoff. I feel this is likely a distortion , since I heard on the radio from several sources (Howard Dean being one) that no democrats recieved money in this scandal. Would someone please clear this up for me. How can a newspaper print this misinformation?


This cannard has also been opined in the Oregonian. It is an egregious lie. Please read the letter to the editor by Patty Murray, Sen. WA:…p-4923711c.html

Tribes’ money isn’t tainted by Abramoff scandal
PATTY MURRAY; U.S. Senator Seattle
Published: January 13th, 2006 02:30 AM
I never met Jack Abramoff and never received a dime from him. In fact, he tried to defeat me by donating money to my opponent.
I believe that what he did was despicable. I agree with The News Tribune (editorial, 1-10) that it should be a catalyst for much-needed reforms in Congress. I agree also that any money from Abramoff should be returned. If I had received any money from him, I would gladly return it.
I disagree, however, that tribal money should be lumped in with Abramoff money. Tribes are a victim in this scandal. As someone who has proudly stood by their side and fought for tribal sovereignty and equality, I will not now use them as a scapegoat to somehow create an appearance of being clean. I will not send a message that tribes are somehow tainted just to make myself look better.

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