Season Greetings and Happy Holidays

Thank you each and every subscriber for your continued desire for your daily copy of the printed news. You have provided me the opportunity to deliver about 500 copies daily of The News Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Investors Business Daily for the past 8 1/2 years, and I do everything under my control to get your paper to you as early as possible every day. The NYT, WSJ, and IBD are usually waiting at The News Tribune when I get there at about 11:30 pm. While arranging them in my vehicle and completing my paperwork, the TNT is being printed. It then is inserted with ads, packaged, and conveyed to the loading dock for pickup sometime after midnight. This process usually only takes a few minutes enabling me to leave by 12:15 am which is just enough time to get to the Fauntleroy ferry dock in time to catch the 12:55 boat, but when it extends beyond 12:15, or there’s road construction or an accident slow down I then have to wait for the 02:10 am boat. On the rare occassion the plant has an equipment breakdown, I’ve been delayed until the 04:45 am Southworth boat.

Deliveries begin at the North End nominally at 01:20 or 02:30 and progress south to Cedarhurst Rd., west and south down West Side to Cove Rd (02:00 / 03:15); Cove east to Vashon Hwy (02:20 / 03:35); north to 156th and east to Glen Acres (02:35 / 03:50); back out Dilworth to town where I drop off store copies (02:45 / 04:00); west on Bank, Thorsen, down West Side and east on Cemetery to Moms (03:10 / 04:25); back north to town and east on Bank to Ridge Rd to Ellisport (03:35 / 04:50); south on Dockton Rd to Maury Pk then to Gold Bch (03:40 / 04:55); back north on Dockton Rd to Kingsbury, Portage, and up to Tramp Harbor Rd. (04:05 / 05:20); 87th Ave to Cemetery to Vashon Hwy, south to 204th, and west to Paradise Valley (04:20 / 05:35); south on 111th to 216th, east to Vashon Hwy, north to 204th, east to Monument and south to Quarter Master Rd. (04:40 / 05:55); west to Vashon Hwy south to Burton and do the loop (04:55 / 06:10); south down Vashon Hwy to Tahlequah ferry dock (05:15 / 06:30); complete the South End and back up to Wax Orchard road through Frog Holler to 248th St (05:45 / 07:00); continue north on Wax Orchard, round the Redding Bch loop, and up to 220th (06:05 / 07:20); west to Lisabeula then back east to Old Mill Rd, south to 236th, east to 107th, and down to Vashon Hwy (06:20 / 07:35); east on Quarter Master to Dockton Rd to Luana Bch (06:35 / 07:50); west on Pt Robinson, down 240th to Dockton Rd and south to Dockton, Sandy Shores, and the lower 40 (Summerhurst, Manzanitta, and 288th St) finishing the route on 268th St (07:15 / 08:30). These times are all average depending on several factors which crop up almost every night.

My wife and I appreciate your patronage and patience when I am delayed. I try to get the paper to you in time to have it on your way to the ferry. Over the past 3,000+ days I’ve covered over 600,000 miles (420,000 on Vashon/Maury Islands), returned about a dozen wallets and purses found on the road, and called 911 for several accidents, downed power lines, incapacitated persons, and open buildings or stores.

I have recovered well from the hip dislocation suffered earlier this year and again thank everyone who contributed to my benefit fund. After one more series of x-rays in February I anticipate an excellent prognosis.

Good luck to everyone 2006.

About ItheMissingLink

Retired longshoreman at the Port of Seattle. US Navy veteran 9 patrol FBM nuclear submarines; married 29 years
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