BBC interviews Scott Ritter

The BBC interviewed Scott Ritter at about 4:30 am Sunday morning PDT and he aquitted himself with strength and character.  Every question was answered directly and with force of fact.  I recommend taking the 30 minutes and listen to Scott indict the Bush administration for what I will term "war crimes."

Scott Ritter is the UN weapons inspector who claims that George Bush went to war with Iraq even though he knew Saddam Hussain had no weapons of mass destruction. Ritter, who resigned his post in 1998, is now an arch critic of Bush and American foreign policy. He claims that the US is planning to bomb Iran, that the election in Iraq was falsified, and that the war in Iraq is unwinnable. But how much of what he says is conspiracy theory and what is the truth? His accusers say that writing for Al-Jazeera shows just how discredited he has become. His supporters say he’s the only person brave enough to point out the bogus reasons for going to war. Carrie Gracie speaks to Scott Ritter on The Interview.


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