How high can Fitzgerald reach?

The noose tightens around the White House denizens’ necks.  The memo was purposly left unattended on Air Force One for Rove and Libby to accidently stumble over, but I doubt the goof-in-chief will feel the burn.  A source revealed that prosecutor Fitzgerald’s boss is a "skull & bones" classmate with Bush, so it appears Fitzgerald will be limited to Cheney or less.
—Larry Porter—
Think it’s fair to say that the combination Sunday of the Walter Pincus-Jim VandeHei piece in The Washington Post and George Stephanopoulos’ bombshell on television’s This Week felt like a tug on the noose around the White House’s neck?

The Post article noted that Patrick Fitzgerald, the prosecutor looking into the Valerie Plame investigation, could bring conspiracy indictments against Karl Rove and Scooter Libby — even if he fails to pin down evidence that they violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Stephanopoulos did them one better: He said to George Will on This Week that a source told him that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney “were actually involved in some of the discussions” about how the White House should deal with Joe Wilson and Plame, his wife.

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