What follows in the wake of Katrina

Pluto in Sagittarius
November 10, 1995
The second major planetary change occured when Pluto moved into Sagittarius for the first time since the American and French
Revolutions. Pluto will remain in Sagittarius until November 27, 2008. Pluto rules the deep, unconscious urges of the collective
Pluto in Sagittarius will stir collective religious, spiritual and ideological tensions. Its powerful energy will force people to
stand up for what they believe, or suffer the frustrations of silence. The energy of Pluto will challenge you to go to extremes for
your beliefs. The energy of Pluto in Sagittarius will bring racial, religious and ethnic tensions to the fore.
Skirmishes could escalate in the volatile Middle East, China, Korea, Eastern Europe, and even in the United States. On a personal
level, this planetary change will help you look more deeply into yourself, to see what you truly believe so you can better shape the
critical decisions you make in your life.
——————————————————–AUGUST 2005————————————————————
Monday the 29th is the Post-Shadow Point of Mercury, which is the degree position that Mercury went retrograde on last July 22, 2005.
Here is a brief quote from the July 2005 AstroForecast about this degree position: “The following themes/issues are associated with
this retrograde of Mercury: political martyrdom, scandals, secrecy, psychological insights, breaches of commitments, healthy focus on
education, international cooperation as well as adoption agencies. This is also a critical degree position of this station of Mercury
that can represent importance, relevance and significance. Keywords for this retrograde of Mercury are: Some individuals confront
their own self-polarization and verify their own dysfunctional complicity. An enormous honesty ensues and fills the individual with
hope and elation. The sun shines eternal overhead and saintly ways are observed.” Mercury will now move forward into new degrees
until its next retrogradation in mid-November 2005.
Tuesday the 30th is a day of a couple of harmonious planetary aspects. The first one involves Venus with Neptune that symbolizes
spiritual balance for highly attuned partnerships. Artistic inclinations provide comfort, soothing the emotions as well as uplifting
the spirit. Charity and compassion are well expressed.
The next harmonious aspect is that of Mercury with Pluto that can symbolize deep and profound communications that get to the core of
any matter. Emerging investigative facts, documents and communiqués are extremely relevant and eye opening. International markets and
international mergers and acquisitions will be important to observe.
Wednesday the 31st witnesses the annual opposition of the Sun with Uranus that can symbolize executives, leaders and individuals in
positions of power and authority suddenly making announcements and/or decrees that can be surprising and disconcerting. An element of
chaos, rebellion and upheaval can surround these individuals. These two planets were last conjunct one another last February 25, 2005
so these two dates can correspond to one another. They are now in their definition and clarification time period since their last
“seeding” of February. Here is a quote from the February AstroForecast 2005 about this conjunction of the Sun and Uranus: “This
conjunction is symbolic of how any individual can identify with a consciousness or awareness of true freedom and liberation. Old
ruts, routines and monotony implode so new, more vibrant expressions take hold so the individual experiences a greater sense of
uniqueness and originality. Stodgier individuals recoil in shock or surprise to these new energies.

A paradoxical quote by Erich Fromm describes well this conjunction: “Any act of disobedience, as any act of freedom, is the beginning of reason”.

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